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You cannot even imagine what we can do with lights and the multitude of options you'll have with High Octane.   Some of this is kind of techie, but let me give you a quick run down of what we have:

  • Chauvet’s intimidator 140sr hybrid moving heads that work as beam/spot/wash (that’s the techie part). This is really something to behold! Trust me!
  • Our gorgeous lighted facade.
  • Totems.
  • The best uplights in the industry.

Everything is mapped with Chauvet’s ShowXpress software. This allows us to create amazing effects perfectly suited to your event.

Our software also allows control of one or more of the moving heads so we can follow you with a spotlight during the first dance.

Our entire setup can change with the beat of the music or strobe or any other number of cool effects.

Questions? Give us a call. We are excited about our lights and would love to tell you what we can do at your special event. 973-939-4117